Who I am, what I do and why.

My name is Julie Cocaigne

Passionate about literature since my early childhood, I studied Arts at the University of Lausanne with a major in English after spending two years in Ireland learning and acting in a major theatre school.

During my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to specialize in literary translation, and it was a revelation for me.

I had found my calling.

Since then, I have translated all kinds of texts, from role-playing games to websites, articles and brochures, among others.

Whatever the subject, I always do my best to find the most appropriate words and turns of phrase according to the context, so as to do justice to the meaning of the text and its message.

In addition, thanks to my long experience as a teacher and tutor in English and French, I have a trained eye for finding and correcting spelling, syntax and grammar errors.

And because writing is my hobby and my academic background has taught me analysis and literary criticism, I am pleased to give advice on editing for publication.

French is my mother tongue, but English has followed it closely, allowing me to evolve fluently in both cultures and languages, and to translate from one language to the other with ease.

I translate with the heart and the mind to describe your world with the best words.

I love finding the words your world deserves. Our adventure begins here.